Back Ups

After reading an interview with Chris Lord-Alge (seasoned music engineer) from Mix magazine, I thought about back ups and archiving.  Lord-Alge mentions his preference of using tape for archiving, “When I put that track sheet in the box with the tape and a year-and-a-half later they need it, I’ve got what they need… With my system, I know that whatever went on that record, I have it and it didn’t change.”  He compared the task by using hard drives, “If that hard drive will not boot up, you are missing your record.”  Always a valid point since hard drives have an unknown life span.  He fails to mention how cheaper and more practical external hard drives have become.  Can’t you just buy more drives?  In the case of archiving, the problem with these big affordable hard drives is the “lubricant in the bearings get sticky (if left unused for a long period of time) and the drive may not spin up when you come to retrieve the data a couple years later.”  (Thornton,  Both sides have their positive and negatives.  I mean who has the money for tape????

If interested in this topic, check out Mike Thornton’s article.

It surprises me how many people I’ve ran into that didn’t back up their important work (some cases they lost precious material that couldn’t be recreated!).  I manually backed up a current sound project onto a different drive after reading both of these articles.  Whether it’s data management, back ups upon back ups, or archiving, professionals must have a method no matter how boring it can be. (film or music) What’s your back up method?


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  1. Thanks for the link and the comments. A good backup system with backups on more than one media and preferably in more than one location. I have also covered it on my blog


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