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Father of the Flame Day 4

Posted in Father of the Flame Production with tags on March 27, 2009 by conorsound

Halfway through the shoot already.  Just got to keep going.

Here’s a wind sound effect I recorded on set day 1 of production:

Wind sfx


Father of the Flame Days 1-3

Posted in Father of the Flame Production on March 25, 2009 by conorsound

Production sound

– Days 1-3 –

I’ve been performing the production sound duties on this independent film.  I much rather prefer to just focus on post-production sound but I feel owe a favor to the director.  This is an intense shoot for an independent film.  I’m learning even more headaches that come with making a movie for production sound.  Sound always suffers on the independent project.  We don’t have the luxury of shooting on a sound stage.

I recorded some sound effects on set on the 1st day that I’ll post on here very soon

Father of the Flame

Posted in Current Projects, Father of the Flame Production on March 17, 2009 by conorsound

Father of the Flame

-Independent Film-

Pre-production is over.  We start shooting Friday.   I got hired for production and post sound on this film since it’s hard to come by a lot of sound guys in our network.  This is quite the ambitious shoot since we’re shooting with the Red Camera.  I’ll post more updates when shooting begins.