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Bleach – Recycling Sound Effects

Posted in TV shows on March 20, 2009 by conorsound


-Japanese Anime-

Another new show I have started to watch (courtesy of is a Japanese animated show called Bleach.  I watch very few anime; however,  my favorite that I still currently watch is Naruto.  People recommended that I would like Bleach after hearing that I enjoy Naruto thoroughly.

I’ve watched 13 episodes of Bleach so far.  The content revolves around the afterlife and how certain people can see dead souls.  The story is engaging;however, sound in the show has been a disappointment.  Bleach heavily relies on evils demons called hollows.  The main character, Ichigo, can see them and becomes a soul reaper with the help of a friend.  There are encounters/battles with hollows in the majority of episodes.  The makers recycle the same sound effect for the hollow rouring/snarling/yelling/ect…  By doing this, individual hollows lose their unique existence to the show (the only thing that changes is the voice but they tend to use the same vocal effect also).  I understand budget and time could have been a factor in making this decision to recycle the same sound effect.  This sound effect takes me out of the story at points.  Sound is ideally not supposed to distract the audience.  In the end, I’m not the average listener when watching a movie or show.  I wonder if an average viewer would be distracted by recycled sound effects?



Ghostbusters II:  A movie I noticed that recycled a monster growl sound effect for different ghosts (including the main ghost, Vigo, at the end twice!!).  Listen Carefully to 3:52 and 4:52


The Wire

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– The Wire –

HBO Series

The Wire had been recommended to me from numerous people for a while now. It has certainly not disappointed me. I’m currently midway through season 4. There are several aspects of show that have caught my attention: lack of music, controversial themes, and the evolution through each season especially in the title sequence. That is just a short list.

Title Sequence:

Each season showcases a different version of “Way Down in the Hole.” Season 2 features the original version by Tom Waits. The visuals also change corresponding with the theme of each season.

Lack of Music:

Generally, the only music in the show is source music (one or two episodes they cheat it a little bit). Meaning the music that the characters are listening to, mainly in their cars. This leaves a lot of open room for sound effects particularly backgrounds which is essential to the show. Backgrounds dictate what part of Baltimore that characters are in. The show frequently shows the different POVs (the drug lords, detectives/cops, political figures, citzens, junkies ect….). This clip is where a junkie character, named bubbles, walks through a street tagged Hamsterdam. In a experiment to clean up certain parts of Baltimore, the Cops have legalized drugs on this street. Notice that this scene could easily be filled with dramatic music to enhance Bubbles subjective view.

Themes: Main ones that are explored that I feel are important

  • War on Drugs
  • Drug Addiction
  • Corruption (mainly within the police system, political system, prison system)
  • Privacy
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Adultery
  • Homosexuality
  • Power struggle