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Four Premiere

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Independent Film

Music marquee

The journey came to an end last Wednesday.  Four is an international independent film I did sound for.  It involves four different stories in Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Chicago.  I got hired for the project back in September of 08.


The turnout was amazing.  Everybody loved it and I got numerous compliments on my sound work.  The Music Box is an old, well known theater in Chicago mostly known for showing independent films, older films, and more cult oriented films (for the majority).

Four music box pic2

The director saying a few words.  I still can’t believe the amount of work and money he has put into his project.

four music box pic3

What is next?  We might make some slight changes before we send it off to international festivals.  Hopefully the film can make it into Irish festivals so I have an excuse to travel there again.



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Independent Film

Back in October of 2008, I went to Europe to perform production sound duties.  The film was shot in four different cities (Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Chicago).  Post-Production sound is about to begin.  I will be having a spotting session with the director shortly.  Then the sound duties will be divided amongst my sound team and I.  I recorded a bunch of sound effects while over there.  I will post them on here shortly as I start preparing background sound effects for the film.

Here’s the website for the film.  The trailer, updates, pictures, cast, and crew listings will be found within.